Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Inspire: Tyler Robinson (A Fellow Imagine Dragons' Lover)

Me and this kid (not sure if my grammar is correct) have a lot in common. He loves Imagine Dragons, I love Imagine Dragons, he loved helping people, I love helping people, he was a fighter, I'm a fighter...see

Tyler on Boat

So, this is Tyler Robinson (click on the name to read his story). A lover of amazing rock bands, a helper, a fighter. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (the name's too long to pronounce) and he fought it. He had also battled many other horrible diseases and he pulled through each time. Unfortunately, Tyler passed away a few months after writing his story when his cancer returned unexpectedly. However, he left behind a legacy of positivity and strength. He had tough times yes (anyone with cancer would) but he did not let his illness dictate who he would be as a person and as a result, he impacted many many lives..

And so, the Tyler Robinson Foundation was born through his family and the amazing band Imagine Dragons (right) who helped establish the foundation (proof of their awesomeness). The song (It's Time) helped cement the friendship of the band and Tyler and I have always loved it too, so listen and fall in love (also check out their album Night Visions which is uber cool and uber lovable). Also watch their music video for Demons which they dedicated to him (so sweet) below in "Pics & Vids".

                                                                 The first dedication

The foundation supports families who are dealing with childhood cancer and I couldn't be more pro-TRF or pro-helping people with cancer if I tried (case in point, Alex's Lemonade Stand which I did a post on here) so, help out through donations here or spreading the word or whatever you can do to help out.

Be Pro-TRF people. It's worth it. Oh, and watch the videos, please.

Love, Golda x

Pics & Vids:

Touching scene: Tyler and Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons (one of my favourite pictures ever)

                                                         "Demons" dedicated to Tyler

                                                      "Thirty Lives" dedicated to Tyler

I read that they (the band) dedicated an entire show to Tyler. Amazing.

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