Friday, July 26, 2013

Books: I'm On A Roller Coaster That Only Goes Up

The above title is a quote from my favourite book of all time The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. It is (as is so often stated) NOT  a cancer book, rather, a book about a person with cancer. It is rather paradoxical but that is what makes the book so beautiful.

What I think is most special about this book is the lack of pretence and the existence of almost tangible true love through the words of the writer. Hazel Grace and Augustus are obviously so in love it actually hurts and the book is genuinely funny. It is witty, and touching and teaches you about the fragility of life but also the beauty of it.

The book is on sale at any respectable book store or on Amazon or any of those other websites.

The book is a must-read as is proven by the following pictures and videos (fan art) made in honour of the book. Enjoy.

This is their thing

My favourite fan idea of Hazel and Gus' appearance

None of these incredible works of art are mine. Credit goes to whomever worked on them.

If you want to talk with me about the book, my contact form sits on my sidebar in all its stupendous glory. Comments are welcome as well.

Love, Golda x

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