Friday, June 28, 2013

Fashion: The Attire Club

I found a blog that was for men in relation to fashion and it wasn't stupid. Like... seriously...

These guys: Fraqquoh & Franchomme are revolutinising male related fashion and giving us girls new insight into the problems that guys face in the female-orientated world of high-class fashion. Don't think Karl Lagerfeld or Marc Jacobs' or YSL. Those men have that innate sense of what women want because they were groomed that way. This blog refers to real guys and the problems they encounter in the cutthroat world of fashion.

Although, I'm not sure if male models count as "real" guys per se (I mean, look at them!) but they (F&F) are changing the way that society views these men and it is very much appreciated.

Rock on F&F. Rock on.

Check out their blog at: The Attire Club

Golda x

Music: MisfitKids and TotalOutcasts

Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller. "Who?" you may ask. Only one of the most AMAZE duos out there. They met on the set of a TeenNick TV show called Gigantic and played best friends. They became best friends in real life and their rollercoaster has only been going up since then.

Their hit song "Thank You" a satirical and sarcastic ode to the generation preceding ours, garnered 500k hit on YouTube in two days, and when you hear the song,  you'll understand why.

Now I'm not one of those angst-filled teens and I don't completely agree that the adults totally ruined EVERYTHING. Some actually left behind a great legacy for us to continue, but I do agree that they will also be leaving us with a pretty big mess to clean up.

We (the youth) however, do have to step up because I understand that we are all human and imperfect and we will make mistakes.

Apart from all of that though, the vid and song are super amazing! And the boys... whoo...

So, MKTO keep being awesome and blazing trails. I'll definitely be right behind you.

You can watch the video here: watch?v=X0gtzHJphVg

Music: Never Was A Model.

Can you guess which song the headline-line is from? If you can, good for you! You could also just scroll down and see... anyway, off topic.

Yes, yes, Mika and Ariana Grande's Popular Song has fast become an anthem for those of us who are quite like (not in terms of creepiness) the gothic-like characters in the Addams' Family-esque video that was released to accompany the amazing song.

I mean that video drips style and cool. Ariana as usual stuns us with her voice and fashion sense and I am definitely a Mika fan now.

It reminds me of T-Swift's Mean in terms of message and darkness, and as is commonly known (or is it just me), the song was inspired by Wicked (that musical) so the darkness is expected.

Anywho, I love it love it love it! Keep rocking you two!

You can see the vid here:

Inspire.Fashion: Cuckoo for Coco

I love love love LOVE Coco Rocha! There's been Tyra and Naomi and Karlie and Chanel, but Coco Rocha is like... amazingly awesome!

She epitomizes style and she does not compromise herself (it's been said that she utterly refuses to pose nude or in just underwear or swimwear) and she is still going strong after modeling professionally for nearly 10 years now. She is said to be a Christian (yet another thing I love about her)

She symbolizes what is still sane about fashion and though some people say she is too obvious,  I think she is one of the most unpredictable models out there.

She holds superstar acclaim in my heart and I wish her a successful career and life.

We love you Coco!  #TeamCoco.

G97: Putting Stuff Out There

So, one day I was like 'Kid, (I was talking to myself) you gotta take this writing thing more seriously! Like, really.'

Therefore, I decided to look around for stuff to do to improve my writing and found a couple of good ideas.

Also, I want to do more innovative stuff, you know. I mean, I'm just thinking aloud here, but our generation has to step up.

And as I may or may not have said, I'm in the business of making people's dreams come true. So, I'm just putting all that out there.

Golda x