Thursday, July 25, 2013

Inspire: Dear Marie Colvin

Inspiration human-wise rarely comes for me. Like, seriously it is very rare for me to draw inspiration from people who are just as human as I am and make the same if not worse mistakes that I have. To be honest, Marie Colvin probably made her own fair share of mistakes in life. However, she was courageous. She literally crossed enemy lines and was killed behind enemy lines because she wanted to help people. In her own way, she did by making their suffering known to the rest of the world through her evocative pieces. She was an icon and she though she was utterly human and had fears and discouragements like the rest of us, she did not let it bring her down.

Her most memorable feature is the eye patch (see picture below) which she began wearing after a grenade went off and the shrapnel got into her left eye. However, she dis not let it stop her. She went through hardships that no civilian of her status should have to face, yet she chose to. There is a certain level of admiration that deserves and trust me when I say she hasn't even come close to getting. She wrote and wrote and showed to the world what people in Syria, Sri Lanka and other war-devastated countries were going through. She was basically a soldier even though her only weapons were a laptop (or pen and paper in whatever case) and her intelligence. She sat down with the worst of the worst and seemed to seek whatever story would cause her the most harm. She bore witness.

She is a true inspiration as she understood the risk to her life while going about her journalistic activities and she did not let it stop her from delivering the story on the evil being perpetrated by the blood-thirsty criminals.

On February 22, 2012, she died alongside photographer Remi Olchik in Syria during an attack that was believed to be terrorist orientated and meant for her. She was mourned heavily all over the world and was buried in Oyster Bay, New York on March 12, 2012 with 300 mourners in attendance.

She was 56, had achieved a lot in life but was gone far too soon. Read this amazing article someone wrote on her here: Badass Of The Week: Marie Colvin

"Be passionate and be involved in what you believe in, and do it as thoroughly and honestly and fearlessly as you can."
~Marie Colvin

Love, Golda x

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