Tuesday, July 16, 2013

G97: Summer Internships and Whatnot

Hi hi hi dear readers that I do not know (I think) but love anyway. This little piece I have typed out is on my experience at TELL magazine, a Nigerian magazine mostly centered on business and politics, but backed by dedicated and honestly wonderful journalists. Enjoy.

"My Internship Experience at TELL Magazine in Days
by _insert my name here (tee hee)_.


It has been super fun here so far. Everyone is nice and gives me advice all the time. Aunty Remi is pretty cool too. We had a “tea meeting”. Mrs. Stella Sawyer is my supervisor (love that word!) and I had to look through TELL’s from the beginning of the year but it wasn’t so bad. I mean, TELL is an “adult magazine” and I mostly just skipped all business-related talk but all-in-all, the articles are well written and not full of utter rubbish and that uninformed quality that a lot of magazines have in this time and age. My favorite parts of TELL mags have to be the Panorama section (which has some utterly ridiculous pictures for entertainment before the really serious stuff begins) and the Reflections, which are written by Tundun Adeyemo who (from what I gather) lives in the UK and has a great writing style and opinions on everything. I also found this cool article that had great stuff about the Hermes bags and their history and stuff. They should do more of that, in my opinion.

The great thing is I am gaining an idea of how magazines are run and while I wouldn’t do a magazine that focused on politics and business and all that grown-up stuff, I am gaining inspiration for my own magazine (case in point, my HQ will be just as amazing as the TELL building which is orange and black and totally stylish) but I have a desk, a computer (duh) and I’ve found the place where I will be getting lunch for the next three weeks, so things are looking up. I hope they stay up."

It's not my best work, but I hope it has enough potential. Hope you guys like it and whatnot (my new fave word).

Love, Golda x.

P.S. If I'm lucky, I could get an interview with the super-awesome, super-funny Maude Apatow. Fingers crossed loves!

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