Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life: Where Is The Love?

So, you all know about this #ChildnotBride movement right (if you don't, read about what's going on here)? And so far, Twitter has been abuzz with angry parents, brothers, sisters, girls, boys, yu know the routine. However, when it came to actually showing up to the petition signings and protests, there was a distinct lack of bodies present. 

Therefore, I bring forth the first and most important question: Where is the action? There are a bunch of old perverts out there who are ready to kidnap and marry a girl against her will and you are just sitting with your Blackberries and Twitter or Facebook accounts with no action. Even if you cannot do anything else, at least sign the ongoing petition to the UN here.

Seriously though, help out. Everywhere, there are efforts to stop those evil men who want to destroy the futures of young girls all over Nigeria.

A self-declared Niger Delta militant Mujahid Abubakr Asari Dokubo, took to Facebook and made this horrifyingly unsurprising comment: 

“People should learn to respect other people’s sensibilities. We Muslims have the right to marry when we want or give out our daughters at any age we want. It is not your business and the law must respect our right to do so. 

Anything short of that is an infringement on our rights.We did not ask you to marry ladies of that age or give your daughters out in marriage at that age. Plzzzzzzzz respect our sensibilities.”

Please note his atrocious spelling of "please" and his equally atrocious declaration that because it's in HIS people's laws, IT IS O-KAY to sell your daughter off. 

Did you know that Nigeria has one of the youngest legal age for marriage in the world at 13? 13?! That's completely and utterly ridiculous. Now, think what this about what this law does Beard Man. Someone could kidnap a non-Muslim girl and she could get married (after all it only takes a measly piece of paper to be legally married right?) and she could be used for ANYTHING. Think about your daughters or nieces or female friends or relatives (or did you marry them off too?) Would you WANT that to happen to them? . 

He's also not very pretty. Shave the beard dude, the Osama thing was never a trend. Never should be either.

Celebrities (Nigerian ones) are said to be speaking out against the amendment. Case in point, Stella Damasus furious statement (furious enough to gather the title "Stella Damasus Spits Fire") and Peter Okoye's tweet (of R&B group P-Square) that also "spat fire". And while these things are just comments and do nothing to help us whatsoever in terms of action, as has been so gratefully pointed out by numerous people who are also joining the fight by doing NOTHING, this is helpful because it means ALL Nigerians are focused on this problem we are facing right now no matter the sizes of their bank accounts or portfolios.

 See the video and tweet below:

                                   The opening face is not the cutest (I know). Just watch it.

@peterPsquare: With all the problems we are facing in Nigeria… some mofos are talking child marriage. #Assholes 

Another question I just HAVE to ask is whether there are any female Senators in Nigeria. If there are and they voted positive for the amendment, I only have ONE word for them and I am too much of a decent person to put it out there. Also, what is the so-called "Mother of Nigeria" Mrs. Patience Jonathan doing about all this I wonder? Seriously important questions.

Oh, and get this. The man who began petitioning for this amendment in the first place, THE EVER WELL HATED AND INFAMOUS Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima (who famously married a 13 year old Egyptian girl (do you see a pattern here)) threw some things out there (read here. Some of the stuff sounded like such hypocritical bull that I just had to laugh) and at one point a question was formed from all the nonsense he had said/ Are we an Islamic state? Do we practice the Sharia law all over Nigeria? Are we under Muslim rule?

This law applies to ALL of Nigeria and I do believe we are a free-religion country here in out dear country. And they think we'll let a Northerner MUSLIM rule in 2015! That is totally ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing, for all you teenage acronym knowledge-less adults) worthy, right there. There are so many problems that we haven't tackled here in our dear country and somehow, THIS is what they picked up on? Total and absolute BULL. All of it. We have terrible, teeth-shattering roads, power issues (electrical and political), issues of people committing mass murder (i.e. Boko Haram and all the other minor terrorist groups) and massive health concerns flying around) and you are amending laws that were A-OKAY before and turning them into nightmares for the rest of us mere mortals. Do you think you can play God by toying with innocent people's lives? ARE YOU INSANE?

Whoever was part of the two-thirds that voted POSITIVE for this amendment, you know where you will be spending you life after. Your daughters and grand-daughters and any after (if you would be so blessed) will never forgive you. Take your stupid Sharia law that thinks that it would be OKAY to sell your 6 year old (ask Mr. Yerima) daughter into a soulless, loveless and FOREVER marriage and eat it. The rest of us will not. You say that we have a prostitution problem in Nigeria (girls selling themselves for what wouldn't buy you a decent bracelet at Topshop which is another story for another day), so do something about it. You say that little girls are basically tuning into sluts, then do something about it. You say that girls are aborting innocent children because of shameless acts they have perpetrated, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. But do NOT say that because all this is going on, it becomes OKAY to allow them to be married off at whatever age their parents deem fit. We are NOT an Islamic state. So keep your laws to yourself. Or else, whatever respect you Northerners have garnered (which is mostly NONE, from me anyway except for the few odd people who will suffer because of what you have done (cultural discrimination is real case in point, the Civil War and Boko Haram) ) will be lost in record time.

If there is a way to re-amend the amendment, I suggest the Senate begins to search for it like a thirsty man searches for water in a desert. Senate President David Mark should stop releasing statements and make a statement (also, he should stop denying that they did not" legalise child marriage. The amendment basically did all the legalization). He's not the "President" for nothing.

Fix this. That's all I'm going to say. I really want to see what person is going to call me a "hater". Because I want a body to take out my frustration on. Stuff like this just gets me so riled up. Please help out. Sign the Petition. You are doing way more than you could possibly know just by that.

Love (so hypocritical), Golda x.

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This is just sad

True, true.
Again, support the ongoing petition here.

                                                       This video was super inspiring (she's still a kid...):


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