Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fashion: Gevinson and The Great Fashion Evolution

Tavi Gevinson. If you are a respectable fashionista, you must know her. it is an absolute must. She is one of THE most amazing bloggers out there, and now she's the editor of her own magazine. And she's not even out of junior high.

She began her blog in 2008 at the age of (get this) ELEVEN! She was 11 and in like, 2 years, she was already rubbing shoulders with the greats. Now, I might not be really into her kooky, quirky fashion, but she is a true inspiration. She just put her mind to it and went for it and look where she is now- the editor of her own magazine, Rookiemag which has writers from EVERYWHERE. Isn't that something?

She has truly evolved, fashion-wise. Style-wise, she is still the Tavi I knew and loved as a 10 year old when I first found her blog. She is an inspiration for me, right up there with Anna Wintour, Leith Clark and Scott Schumann. She is simply awesome.

Below, are pictures of her following her style evolution. Enjoy.

P.S. Am I the only one totally in LOVE with the cute granny like look? It suits her teeny self quite well...

Check out Tavi's blog to see more @: The Style Rookie

Love, Golda.

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