Friday, April 12, 2013

Inspire: Resilient Jillian

There's always that person. That person who stands out and makes everyone stop and stare. Sometimes it's for more than one reason.

That person, today, is Jillian Mercado (the girl at the top. I adore her hair!). She's awesome and she would so be a stare-able person what with her awesome style...

She has Spastic Muscular Dystrophy and has been in a wheelchair since she was 3 years old. Yet, she blazed her way through the fashion world, and the now 23 year old is becoming a regular sight at fashion shows, and a top-notch writer.

I could talk about her many positive and loveable qualities, but then I think, we're all human. She can't have been totally happy with the way she was born could she? However, does she let that stop her? No. Definitely not. She has been through a lot, trying to break into the fashion world. She is stronger than a lot of us are and obviously does nto let anyoen tell her she couldn't do something. If she did, this post wouldn't be written...

Jillian Mercado is the editor of fashion blog: Manufactured 1987 and let me just say that it is extremely impressive that someone who doesn't have the blessing to be mobile on her legs like we do (and take it for granted), can become so wildly popular in a world where appearance is everything and look good while doing it. She went to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology, for all you rookies), and she totally got a degree. She lives (and was born) in NYC (which makes her seem cooler because that place is so hustle-bustle, push-shove, dog-eat-dog like. I was just telling myself to quit with the analogies...) and she has interned at Allure, and is currently the Creative Assistant at Patrick McMullan’s Magazine: PMc Magazine, Executive Editorial Assistant for WeTheUrban and Contributing writer for Heavy stuff...

People in this world are disgusting though...a while back, her electric wheelchair was stolen. See details on how you can help replace it here (or at least offer mental support like me) at

More on Jillian, in an article written by her can be found at in this article:

Why Being Yourself Truly Matters—Even in the Fashion World

Keep being awesome and let's Jillian-ize our lives a little bit.


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