Friday, May 24, 2013

Music: He Puts The Awesome In Music

First off, yes I know there's no "awesome" in music. I ain't stupid...

Anyway, the HE that I'm talking about is the ever uber cool- Macklemore!

He is just... wow...

Thrift Shop even with all the unnecessary swearing, the song is absolutely INSPIRING! It tells you something about spending. We don't need lots of cash and large stores to be happy.

However, if anyone TOUCHES Bergdorf's or Free People, I will hint you down and hurt you. A lot.

Getting back on track though, I love his crazy outfits, like the one he wore to the MTV Movie Awards (below).

His style is just amaze... btw, whoever is his music video stylist is the awesomest person ever.

He is an absolute inspiration. Love you Mack! Check out his most popular songs on YouTube.

Can't Hold Us and Thrift Shop

Cred for the idea totally goes to my new awesome friend: Tanja who has THE best taste in music (she like Marina and the Diamonds! Aaah!)

We're going to be mentionong each other's blogs and stuff. She's uber-cool.

Check out her webby at:


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