Friday, June 28, 2013

Music: Never Was A Model.

Can you guess which song the headline-line is from? If you can, good for you! You could also just scroll down and see... anyway, off topic.

Yes, yes, Mika and Ariana Grande's Popular Song has fast become an anthem for those of us who are quite like (not in terms of creepiness) the gothic-like characters in the Addams' Family-esque video that was released to accompany the amazing song.

I mean that video drips style and cool. Ariana as usual stuns us with her voice and fashion sense and I am definitely a Mika fan now.

It reminds me of T-Swift's Mean in terms of message and darkness, and as is commonly known (or is it just me), the song was inspired by Wicked (that musical) so the darkness is expected.

Anywho, I love it love it love it! Keep rocking you two!

You can see the vid here:

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